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Viper - Vehicle Information Processing

The VIPER™ (Vehicular Information Processing, Export and Reporting) software package is a central data collection and processing tool to help process and manage the data generated by ADR Plus advanced traffic counters. Viper is designed to perform common processing operations such as data retrieval and file conversion without additional user interaction, and to automatically recover from system problems that might otherwise interfere with data processing.

Features of Viper:

  • User-friendly, graphical interface
  • Modular design, allowing for easy program updates and enhancements
  • Drag-and-drop programming of auto-processing workflow,
  • Color-coded auto-processing work environment to indicate the state of the current workflow(in memory/saved to file/running process)
  • Comms channel management module
  • ADR device management module
  • Drag-and-drop programming of auto-processing workflow
  • Sophisticated polling scheduling options
  • Built-in system log for monitoring Viper activity
  • Service based auto-polling (polling automatically resumes after computer reboot)
  • Designed to run unattended after being configured
  • Auto-polling via IP, IP stream, RS-232 Direct connection, and/or MODEM
  • Auto-processing of binned data
  • Automatic archiving of collected data
  • Automatic DST (Daylight Saving Time) adjustment of bin data
  • Automatic export to an array of output data formats, including: TMG, PRN, XML, & XLS
  • Auto-Merge — Ability to treat data from multiple units as a single site
  • Traditional PVR file support (downloadable and viewable with TOPS)
  • Imports and converts TOPS databases
  • Automatically synchronization of ADR time with the polling computer (user selectable and configurable)
  • Supports data processing of files from ADR-1000 Plus, ADR-2000 Plus, ADR-3000 Plus, and ADR-6000 devices
  • Support for polling groups


Sample Screens

Programming of automatic processing is done using an intuitive graphical environment


Device management is simple; working with ADR-1000s through ADR-6000 devices


Task scheduling can be done by polling groups and can be defined for binned and/or PVR data. Scheduling can be done daily, weekly, monthly or annually, and can be set to expire.



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