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Press Release

Peek Traffic Announces the Addition of the VideoTrak-IQ Series to the FDOT's Approved Product List (APL)


July 3, 2012 - Peek Traffic Corporation is pleased to announce the addition of the VideoTrak-IQ Series to the Florida Department of Transportation's Approved Product List (APL).

FDOT’s Traffic Engineering and Operations Office recently completed laborious testing procedures to authenticate suitability of Peek’s VideoTrak-IQ Series vehicle detection system.  The VideoTrak-IQ combines the ground breaking features of multi-channel viewing with an industry leading ease-of-use and set-up.

“Peek’s older generation products have been extremely successful in Florida and we are excited to be able to showcase our latest advanced video detection products in our home state” said Mike Robertson, Project Manager of the Video Detection line for Peek.  "The addition of our VideoTrak-IQ to the APL expands our ability to provide a highly technical solution for virtually any video detection application while further extending our reach into our home state.  This builds on our heritage of precise and innovative product offerings in video detection in the Southeast region."

VideoTrak-IQ provides the ability to view and monitor four video channels at the same time using a single card, while also allowing you the ability to easily modify configurations of up to 26 detection zones per channel.  The VideoTrak-IQ offers powerful camera options and both the zoom and focus settings of the camera can be controlled at the cabinet, allowing for faster installation and set-up times. 

Intense scrutiny and testing by FDOT engineers was required for the approval process. Nationwide, Florida is recognized by other DOTs as having one the most thorough processes for traffic product manufacturers seeking approval.  The VideoTrak-IQ provides value by reducing high maintenance costs and inefficient intersection operations caused by the failure and the replacement of traditional loops buried in road surfaces.

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Press Release: Peek Traffic Announces VideoTrak-IQ Series FDOT Approval


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