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Press Release

Peek Traffic releases a Major Update to Their Industry-leading GreenWave™ ATC Software


November 4, 2011 - Peek Traffic Corporation is pleased to announce the release of the GreenWave v3.8 software for Peek ATC advanced traffic controllers.

With over 150 new features and interface updates, GreenWave v3.8 is a major update to the ATC-1000, ATC-2000 and ATC-3000 traffic controller software engine. This release is recommended for all owners of that equipment, and will be shipped on all new Peek ATC-1000 series controllers starting today.




Some of the major features added in this release of Greenwave:

  • Enhancements to Pedestrian operation - simultaneous clear, exclusive ped phases, enhanced vehicle and pedestrian detectors, pedestrian overrides
  • Support for ATC controllers in an M3000 arterial environment, including time sync, and master-based pattern control
  • Dynamic omits and Dynamic Recalls
  • Split tables can now be progrmmed in either seconds or percent of cycle length
  • Shortway Dwell offset correction method
  • Available Zero cycle time Free patterns
  • NTCIP Block handling improvements to make firmware updates and block send operations more reliable
  • Support for LMD-style local Absolute Zero set function
  • Greatly improved Daylight Saving time programming interface
  • Yellow and Red Startup times
  • Six new default databases are now available to be loaded from Flash memory
  • New front panel preemption programming screens
  • and many more new features . . .



Release Notes: Announcing GreenWave v3.8 (PDF file, 211 kb)


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