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Welcome to the Peek User Network

This is the place to find detailed technical information about Peek Traffic products and services, and to request help from the Peek support team. 

In order to access the information on this part of the Peek Traffic website, you will need a login account. Login accounts can be created automatically and are free. To get an account, click on the Create new account link and fill in an account name and a valid email. The email address will be verified; at which point you will be sent your login information. This will give you basic access to the Peek User Network; including access to the product datasheets, most product manuals, the discussion forums, the support pages, the Peek events calendar, and the ability to post comments. 

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The SGTS Division of Signal Group

This is the intranet for the Signal Group Technology Solutions division of Signal Group Corporation. Signal Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas and focuses primarily on traffic control and management products, including electronics, software, and roadside hardware. SGTS supports the following companies within the Signal Group:

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ITE 2012 Annual Meeting and Exhibit - Atlanta

Peek will be exhibiting at the 2012 ITE Annual Meeting and Exhibit in Atlanta, Georgia in August.


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IMSA Annual Conference 2012 - Orlando

Peek will be exhibiting at the IMSA 2012 Annual Conference.



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NATMEC 2012 - Dallas


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InterTraffic 2012 - Amsterdam

Peek will be exhibiting at the 2012 InterTraffic Conference in Amsterdam. Visit us in booth 01.206.

Intertraffic Amsterdam facilitates four days of global networking and allows you to become acquainted with the latest trends and developments in our industry. A comprehensive educational programme and a range of exciting side events will further ensure that your visit will be time well spent. We look forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam RAI and showing you all that keeps mankind moving!

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ITE 2012 Technical Conference and Exhibit - Pasadena

Peek will be exhibiting at the 2012 ITE Technical Conference.
Exceed expectations with ITE March 4–7 in Pasadena, CA at the 2012 ITE Technical Conference and Exhibit. The conference is designed to support transportation engineering, planning and multidisciplinary professionals responsible for management and operations of transportation systems. The meeting content will address the application and performance of multimodal transportation management strategies to exceed customer expectations within today’s budgetary constraints. The program will also seek to link transportation operations with livability, sustainability and economic competitiveness.

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Added Galleries, Product photos

We've added a Galleries menu to the site, which includes groups of photos in various categories. Today, we also added a set of high-res photos of a variety of Peek products, including the ADRs, VideoTrak-IQ cards, racks and cameras, and the PowerBack UPS systems. After catching our breath from the initial roll-out of the new site and portal, we're getting moving on adding content.

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Simplified registration and login

We're still getting the site up and running right now. We've simplified the account registration and login process. Basic accounts no longer require email authentication. You also now have the option to login with your account name or your email address.

If you have something you'd like to see added to the site, or something to be changed, please let us know. You can add a comment here, or post a comment in the Forums.

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We apologize for the dust . . .

Well, after a very long gestation, the Peek customer portal website is finally here. As you may have surmised, we are still unpacking the boxes and hanging up the pictures. We apologize for the current disarray, but we will be adding content and improving the site in numerous ways in the coming days. We will also be adding new features on a fairly regular basis in the next few months, so check back from time to time to see what's happen around here.