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Available to anonymous users, i.e. people who have not logged into the site, which could potentially include competitors.

Welcome to the Peek User Network

This is the place to find detailed technical information about Peek Traffic products and services, and to request help from the Peek support team. 

In order to access the information on this part of the Peek Traffic website, you will need a login account. Login accounts can be created automatically and are free. To get an account, click on the Create new account link and fill in an account name and a valid email. The email address will be verified; at which point you will be sent your login information. This will give you basic access to the Peek User Network; including access to the product datasheets, most product manuals, the discussion forums, the support pages, the Peek events calendar, and the ability to post comments. 

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Peek Advanced I/O Scripter Utility Help Tutorials

The following video files provide tutorial help for the Peek Advanced I/O Scripter Utility.

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Maryland DOT

Maryland State Department of Transportation