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Welcome to the Peek User Network

This is the place to find detailed technical information about Peek Traffic products and services, and to request help from the Peek support team. 

In order to access the information on this part of the Peek Traffic website, you will need a login account. Login accounts can be created automatically and are free. To get an account, click on the Create new account link and fill in an account name and a valid email. The email address will be verified; at which point you will be sent your login information. This will give you basic access to the Peek User Network; including access to the product datasheets, most product manuals, the discussion forums, the support pages, the Peek events calendar, and the ability to post comments. 

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The SGTS Division of Signal Group

This is the intranet for the Signal Group Technology Solutions division of Signal Group Corporation. Signal Group is headquartered in Houston, Texas and focuses primarily on traffic control and management products, including electronics, software, and roadside hardware. SGTS supports the following companies within the Signal Group:

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We apologize for the dust . . .

Well, after a very long gestation, the Peek customer portal website is finally here. As you may have surmised, we are still unpacking the boxes and hanging up the pictures. We apologize for the current disarray, but we will be adding content and improving the site in numerous ways in the coming days. We will also be adding new features on a fairly regular basis in the next few months, so check back from time to time to see what's happen around here. 

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Central System Bid Spec, v1.13

 A generic description of a central system that matches the functions of IQ Central v1.13.

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ITE 2011 Annual Meeing & Exhibit - St. Louis, MO

 America's Center St. Louis, Missouri, USA


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FHWA Traffic Monitoring Guide - 2001

 May 1st, 2001 version of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration's Traffic Monitoring Guide. PDF file. 311 pp.

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Christmas - Peek offices closed.

 Christmas holiday days in the U.S. offices. All U.S. offices closed.