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  • Greenband Analysis – Optimize offset programming for a coordinated corridor using an interactive time-space diagram.
  • Split Monitor – Optimize split programming for an intersection by recording actual phase utilization and termination data and comparing to the programmed timings.
  • New Reports – Volume and occupancy reports have been updated and expanded.
  • Voyage support – retrieve logs using the System Scheduler
  • SQL Serversupport for converting database to SQL Server (for large database handling

Full details on the features of IQ Central v1.17 are available in the Release Notes


IQ Central - Advanced Traffic Management System

IQ Central is Peek's central traffic equipment management software suite. Intended for the network operations center in a city or region's highway department, IQ Central allows traffic technicians to configure and monitor hundreds of traffic control devices from a central location. With expansive capabilities to interact with legacy intersection controllers, switching to IQ Central means you can continue to use your existing LMD, Multisonics, Peek, Traconex, US Traffic, and Transit brand traffic controllers, while simultaneously providing a path for you to adopt the best standards-compliant traffic controller in the North American market, the Peek ATC-1000.

Features of IQ Central:

  • User-friendly, graphical interface
  • Modular design, allowing for easy program updates and enhancements. Multiple view modules for map viewing, tabular statistics views, interactive camera views, as well as variable message sign, traffic data, and weather modules.
  • Backward compatible with Peek's entire line of traffic controller products
  • Sophisticated map displays using either static image or ESRI GIS map data
  • Highly configurable alarm monitoring
  • Live, interactive device monitoring from map and table interfaces
  • Multi-user, networked system can be scaled to fit the size of the NOC and the array of device being tracked. IQ Central is suited to small and medium-scale systems.
  • Centrally commanded pattern changes
  • Event scheduler for log file retrieval and time synchronization
  • Live volume and occupancy monitoring
  • True NTCIP compatibility. Demonstrated to work with any traffic equipment that follows the standard
  • User-defined device groups for map interactions, pattern override commands, and adaptive flow patterns
  • Pattern monitor module provides a comprehensive view of the entire network in a powerful, concise interface
  • Support for a full range of communications paths to field hardware, including Direct serial, Dial-up modems, Ethernet, Radio modems, Fiber optic modems, PPP dial-up or serial to single devices or arterial masters
  • Custom reporting and export features via Microsoft Office™ tools
  • Complete help system and printed user documentation






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An IQ Central network can include a variety of managed traffic hardware and an array of NOC resources


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