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About Peek Traffic Corporation

Peek Traffic is a technology-driven company focused on shaping the future of intelligent traffic systems through North America and beyond. Our heritage and expertise position Peek Traffic as both a stable force in the industry and a source of important innovation. Committed to employing advanced technologies to bring the highest level of quality, service and value to our customers, Peek maintains quality through continual improvements in order to provide our customers with the best possible solutions for their needs.

Peek Traffic Corporation has a heritage stretching over 120 years, beginning with the formation of Streeter Amet in Chicago, Illinois in 1888. Peek was also once part of the Crouse-Hinds Company, who installed the first electric traffic signal in North America in 1921.

Our products have helped to make motorists around the world safer, and their travels more pleasant and efficient. Peek Traffic employs over 130 people working in our facility in Texas, many with decades of individual experience building, testing and supporting traffic equipment products. This expertise, experience, and breadth of product lines has made Peek one of the most respected leaders in the traffic control marketplace.

Peek's manufacturing occurs at our 70,000 square-foot facility in Houston, Texas. Peek's facility is certified to ISO-9001: 2015, ensuring that all facets of the manufacturing process, from sales order entry and product design to shipping and servicing, are performed in accordance with stringent quality standards.



July 1st, 2008 marked the beginning of a new era in the history of Peek Traffic Corporation. On that date, Signal Group, Inc. of Palmetto, Florida purchased Peek Traffic from Quixote Corporation. Signal Group valued the history and market leading positions of the companies and sees many opportunities to expand the reach of Peek Traffic Corporation, both in the United States, and internationally. Signal Group is a private corporation that also owns firms producing street reflectors and traffic signage in the United States.

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