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ADR-WIM Weigh-in-Motion Module for Peek ADRs

Weigh-In-Motion, a technology first perfected by an ancestor firm of Peek Traffic . . . Streeter Amet created weigh-in-motion technology in the early 20th century, in order to weigh railroad cars as they moved over a sensor on the track. The benefits of weigh-in-motion have long since been converted for use in measuring commercial vehicle traffic on our highways. The ADR-WIM module brings weigh-in-motion capabilities to the Peek ADR line of products.

The advanced multi-channel ADR-WIM card can be installed in the four main Peek ADR products, the ADR-1000 Plus, ADR-2000 Plus, ADR-3000 Plus and Sabre. Installing a WIM card enables an ADR unit to weigh heavy commercial vehicles while they travel at high speeds, while simultaneously retaining the full functionality and ease of use of the ADR series of counters/classifiers. By simply installing one or two subsurface piezoelectric weighing sensors (with optional secondary sensors), the following types of data can be accurately collected: arrival time, vehicle speed and classification, gross vehicle weight, volumetric flow, individual axle weights and spacings, overload indications, Equivalent Single Axle Loadings (ESALs), gap and headway, and per vehicle records.

Site monitoring includes a four-lane capability on the ADR1000/2000 or an eight-lane capability on the ADR-3000 range. Sites are generally battery powered, but solar or line power backup extends monitoring time indefinitely. The RS232 port, when connected to a PC, reports real time data for alarm analysis.


  • Up to 8 lane simultaneous operation
  • Programmable vehicle classification schemes
  • Per vehicle WIM - alarm output
  • System flexibility for installation of multilane configurations
  • On-scale sensors
  • Solar rechargeable battery operation
  • Dynamic auto-calibration
  • User-friendly setup via PC, data card or keyboard
  • Accepts PCMCIA memory cards up to 8 MB
  • High speed telemetry communications

Additional details about the ADR-WIM card are provided in the ADR Plus Operating Manual.


Existing ADR Upgrade for WIM Operations

Any existing ADR-1000/2000/3000 can be upgraded in the field or shop for WIM operations. The upgrade is simple and cost-effective at most sites. Plug-in WIM modules, easy to connect wire harnesses and flash loaded firmware are the major components required for the upgrade.

Additional Information about the ADR-WIM module


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